Preparing for Pal's Inn
Bring proof of vaccinations. Acceptable documentation includes medical records from a licensed veterinarian.

All dogs will be given a "flea & tick"spot-on treatment upon entering, unless proof of treatment within 30 days is provided.

Any special medications must be clearly labeled and will be administered for $3.00 / day. Insulin shots can be given for $5.00 a dose

Special diets must be pre-packaged in portions and clearly labeled.

Clean "above the floor" beds are provided.

Credit card registration on line or a credit card swipe in person - then it is time for your special pet to become a pampered celebrity at the Pal's Inn Pet Resort.

Visiting Arizona hotel guest boarding their pets at Pal's Inn Pet Resort may request to take their "pals" for a walk. A 45 minute notice is required and owners relinquish Pal's Inn Pet Resort from responsibility during the time they temporarily remove their "pals". City off-the-leash dog park is nearby.

Calculation of payment from initial credit card swipe will take place on departure day. We also takes checks and cash

Cancelled reservations less than 24 hours will incur a one day charge.

No-show with previous reservation will incur a two-day charge.

Please do not bring your personal dishes