Treat your pet to luxury at the Pal's Inn Pet Resort.

• Individual attention and care from staff.

• Luxury accommodations, including porcelain tile floors and an "off the floor" bed.

• Scheduled and supervised exercise periods and socialization throughout the day for up to 90 minutes in a safe open-air atrium park.

• Climate controlled environment.

• Separate cat area with three-room condominiums.

• Convenient 7-day pick-up and drop-off.

• Off-site access to Web-Cam to see your pet while in the open-air atrium park.

• Retail selection of collars, leashes, treats, spa products and natural foods.

# of Pets --First ***Second***
Small ------$33.00 --$23.00
(0 - 24Lbs)
Medium --$38.00 --$28.00
(25 - 59 lbs)

Large -----$43.00 --$33.00
(60 - 99 lbs)

Jumbo ---$48.00 --$38.00
(100 lbs - up)

Day Care Rates
Dogs -----$22.00 --$18.00

Cat Daily Rates
Cats ------$22.00 --$18.00

We will also board birds, turtles, rabbits among others
**Pets in same kennel
** Dog weigh-in at time of entry.
Rates are subject to change without notice.
Registration Requirements:

Vaccinations: Rabies, Bordatella, DHLPP.
Flea and Tick spot-on treatment for a charge of $10.50 administered by Pal's Inn Pet Resort upon entering and before association with other guests, unless proof of treatment within past 30 days is provided. (proof being a receipt or the container that was used)


Vaccinations: Rabies, FVRCP.

Rates Include:
Two meals per day.

3 additional potty breaks

Up to 1.5 hrs of play time/socialization per day. (2-45 minute playtimes)

You have until 2:00pm to pick up your "PAL" and not be charged for that day

The resort is an upscale environment where pets are treated like guests at a five-star resort.

Pal's Inn gives pet owners the peace of mind that their loved ones are in a safe and fun environment.

Pet guests at Pal's Inn will enjoy: